Do I need a Human Resources System?

We know time is your most valuable commodity. HRIS systems can improve every part of your day, your choice is to spend your time on tasks that improve and grow your business or spend these hours dealing with non-strategic, mundane tasks required to run the time consuming administrative-side of HR required to be compliant.

workbeneffits.me allows employers and employees to exchange information with greater ease and without the need for paper. Through our technology your HR related data is centralized and accessed easily from anywhere within the company.

For example, when you or your employees wish to complete frequently recurring activities such as requests for information, time off or changes in W-4 forms—these actions can be taken care of in an accurate and automated fashion without the need for human supervision or intervention.

Is there any way that you would be able to test drive the system as an employee and employer?

Just fill out the form in the contact us section of workbenefits.me and a team member will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a demonstration.

Is workbenefits.me cloud based?

Yes, workbenefits.me is a cloud based system. Cloud based solutions offer many benefits over locally installed software products. Cloud based systems are accessible from anywhere at any time, are always running the latest revision and safeguard your data better than traditional on premises platforms.

Where is workbenefits.me located?

workbenefits.me is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are locally owned and operated. All our employees reside in the Boston. We develop and manage our products in Massachusetts.

Are there upfront costs?

workbenefits.me charges no setup fees. Our client on-boarding process is more efficient and quicker than any other HRIS product in the market today. Some companies may take weeks or months to setup your system, charge up-front fees or require you to purchase health insurance. workbenefits.me charges a small reasonable per employee per month fee based on the services you require.

How are monthly costs calculated? What are the terms?

workbenefits.me charge companies on a “per employee, per month” basis and only for the services you use. For instance, workbenefits.me mobile time and attendance app cost is $3.00 per employee per month (PEPM). If your business has 40 employees, but only 30 use this app your fee would be $120 per month.

Where can I find out more about required small business work benefits?

You can learn more at the SBA.gov website (here).

What options are standard? What must be added?

workbenefits.me basic service includes the following:

  • Comprehensive employee database management
  • Automated employee on-boarding
  • Secure document storage
  • Time and Attendance function with payroll integration
  • Benefits administration integration with your benefit broker
  • Customizable HR reporting

Optional features include:

  • Mobile App based time clock
  • Workers Compensation Project Manager

How long will it take workbenefits.me to setup my system?

workbenefits.me can have your system up and running in 3-4 business days from the time we receive your company’s basic information.

How hard is workbenefits.me to learn?

We take great pride in our user interface. Ease of use was one of our guiding principles when we developed workbenefits.me,workbenefits.me has developed one of the best user interfaces in the market today. If you or your employees can use your cell phone you can learn how to use workbenefits.me in minutes.

How secure is our data with workbenefits.me?

We encrypt our customers’ data using the highest encryption standards available. That’s the same technology banks use to keep your account information safe. Client data is also backup on regular schedule to ensure data availability.  

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