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workbenefits.me's automated, cloud-based employee management productivity tool
enables small business to greatly reduce the cost and complexity of managing their employees.

workbenefits.me is different. The human resource automation space is mainly populated by benefit brokers that offer free software, their goal is not to manage your HR but to sell you insurance. workbenefits.me is not a brokerage, we are a technology company specializing in connecting employers, employees, benefit and payroll providers.

As businesses grow and hire more staff even seemingly simple tasks get a lot more complex….

  • On-boarding New Employees
  • Document Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Tracking Time and Attendance
  • Managing Paid Time Off
  • Staying compliant to state and federal laws

…are manual, tedious and time consuming tasks.

workbenefits.me saves you time and money by automating core HR tasks allowing you to focus on growing your business. workbenefits.me is small business focused, delivering the right services for the right price. Contact us to learn more.

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