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All-In-One HR Service is an automated employee management productivity tool designed to enable companies to manage their human resources without the expense of a dedicated human resources employee.

While many in the online HR information systems space are effectively benefit brokers that offer free software, is not a brokerage.  We are a technology company specializing in connecting employers, employees, and benefit and payroll providers.

As companies grow and hire more people, even seemingly simple tasks get a lot more complex, including on boarding new employees, managing required forms, and remaining compliant to a myriad of new laws. cloud-based services help business owners track who’s who, where they’re based, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing—negating the need for manual forms, inconsistent document storage and unnecessary compliance risks. is your company’s system of record for all things people-related. is always available to employer and employee from anywhere at any time. saves our clients time, money and significantly reduces your exposure to risk associated with regulatory compliance.

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